Project Service & Supply

Reduce project risk.

Over the course of a lighting project there are many chances for things to go wrong. Good advice and support from Rexel's team can minimise problems and reduce cost overruns.

Using wrap-around services through the project life-cycle reduces the chance for something to go wrong. Rexel Lighting services can help you minimise project issues. From the initial design phase through to ordering, supply and billing, we offer a co-ordinated process that can cover lighting, data, telco and electrical infrastructure. Our overview means we don't just fix problems, we can anticipate and prevent them, making your life easier.

Good oversight of a lighting project can reduce legal and financial risks.

These risks could appear from a number of different directions, for example:

  • lighting doesn't comply with the NZ Building Code - project may not be signed off
  • substitution with substandard product: - may lead to non-compliance
  • product not ordered on time - leading to project delays and costly product returns
  • product ordered or delivered incorrectly - causing project delays and extra cost
  • supply is from multiple sources - creating extra paperwork and more potential for mistakes

Our lighting team has more than 30 full-time staff and between us there's probably not a lighting problem we haven't seen before and dealt with. When you work with us, our experience becomes your business advantage. Your Rexel Lighting representative will provide support for your project, giving continuity through the specification, ordering and delivery process. If you have a large project that goes through Ideal Electrical you'll also have a dedicated Contracts project manager who works with your lighting rep. They will co-ordinate ordering and delivery of all the electrical, data and telco components of a project, giving a single point of contact.

The benefit of co-ordinated product supply.

Because Rexel is part of Ideal Electrical, we have branches across New Zealand. This means your project can be supplied locally and our friendly local branch staff are close by as a first line of support. (Find your nearest Ideal branch here.)

If you need lighting products delivered urgently, we can often supply you from your nearest Ideal branch or quick-ship from one of our distribution centres. For larger projects our key branches also have in-house project managers and lighting teams to help keep things running smoothly.

For indent product orders we have a lighting category management team at our Support Office. They co-ordinate any orders for overseas product and make sure updates are provided throughout the import process. Sometimes delays do happen with international freight, so if something does get held up we'll always do our best to make sure that you find out as soon as we do.

On-site problem-solving.

If you need us to, we can usually come to site to help sort out problems, oversee installation and make sure things run smoothly. With our branch network we can put feet on the ground wherever you need them to be.
Contact us to find out how we can help you with your project.

Lighting Design

A good lighting design will comply with standards, limit costs, and make a space look great.