Energy Efficiency Audits

Depending on your site, an upgrade to LED lighting could pay for itself in two or three years.

With a lighting retrofit, once you've got your return on investment, all future savings are money in the bank.

A Rexel team member discusses an energy efficiency audit with the owner of a furniture store.

Why would I need an energy efficiency audit?

For commercial buildings the largest cost per square meter is utilities. Managing your lighting cost is critical to controlling your overall operating costs. A lighting audit is the simplest and most effective way to evaluate your current lighting system and find ways to reduce long-term operating costs.

What's in it for me?

A lighting audit will give you a toolkit for improving your lighting system. Data from a lighting audit includes:

  • Energy usage - your current energy usage and costs compared with those costs after a lighting upgrade.
  • Maintenance cost overview and comparison with those costs after a lighting upgrade.
  • The payback period.
  • The cost of waiting - the cash your organisation will be losing annually if you don't go ahead with an upgrade.
  • An audit of every light fitting.
  • A full schedule of the energy-efficient alternatives to your existing fittings.
  • A bill of materials that breaks out the cost of materials, installation and any fees.
  • Lease options to finance an upgrade from operational cost savings.

Your energy efficiency audit will tell you how much money you could save by upgrading your lighting - money that goes straight on the bottom line.

    A lighting upgrade usually leads to better light levels and improved safety and comfort for people in the building. This can reduce costly workplace accident and injury claims, improve staff morale and reduce employee turnover, adding to the potential cost savings for any organisation.

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    Retrofit Lighting
    A lighting audit will identify where luminaire replacement will give the best energy savings, and recommend the most cost-effective replacement options.
    Building Energy Eff
    Energy efficiency audits can cover retrofitting existing fittings and evaluate adding presence detection and daylight sensing for additional savings.

    Renewable Energy Solutions

    For the best outcome for your renewable energy project, leverage Rexel's global expertise and commitment to renewable energy worldwide.

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