Renewable Energy Solutions

Partner with Rexel for your next renewable energy project.

If you need support for your renewable energy project, we can provide it anywhere in New Zealand through our Ideal Electrical branch network and our in-house experts.

Our Renewable Energy team can help you with product selection and supply, for everything from domestic EV chargers and solar installations to systems for large-scale wind, water and solar power generation. They're experienced in project scoping and specification, project management, supply and commissioning.

For in-depth technical solutions we're backed up by Rexel's global renewable team. Rexel shares its market knowledge, its experience in energy efficient solutions, and its sustainable development commitments with installers and all of its energy industry partners.

Through Ideal Electrical - part of the Rexel network - you can access the latest and best technology in the world, from almost anywhere in New Zealand.

Rexel is raising awareness of energy management issues.

Thanks to its pivotal role in the value chain, its expertise and its commitment to the energy transition, Rexel is an effective advisor not only to all its stakeholders but to all civil society as well.

Contact our Renewable Energy team now on 0800 733 385.

Team member profile

Dave Petrie is part of Ideal’s Renewable Energy Business Development team and brings a 20 year background in the industry, specialising in DC power, industrial batteries and solar.

He chose to bring his skills to Ideal because he could see that both the Solar and EV markets are in their infancy in NZ and will have huge growth in the next few years; and Ideal was one of the few companies that was well positioned to service the market nationally.

Dave says he's excited about emerging technologies and the future of our power industry. The renewable energy industry also appeals to his social conscience. "I value the opportunity to develop products that I am passionate about, and can have confidence will meet our clients’ needs."

You can contact Dave or any of our other Renewable Energy team members on 0800 733 385.

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