Our Team

We have skilled team members ready to help you throughout New Zealand.

Several of our team members are qualified in Illumination Engineering, having completed the Graduate Certificate in Science and Technology (Lighting) at Massey University. Many are also technical members of the professional body for lighting engineers, the IESANZ. Search here by region for your local Rexel lighting expert.

Upper North Island

Abhi Dipak

Lighting Design & Sales
Abhishek graduated University with a degree in Electrical Engineering
and joined the Rexel Lighting team in 2018. He has great customer service skills and has a real passion for Lighting, Lighting Designs & Lighting Technologies including IOT and Lighting Controls
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John Keen

UNI Branch Lighting Consultant
Joined Rexel Lighting in July 2019.
Bringing 22 years of experience in the Lighting service and supply industry - from the Signage, Industrial, Commercial and the Local Authority Public sector, including Sports, amenity and Road lighting. Holding roles in Territory management, Business Development and Key account sales throughout NZ. Passionate about lighting with the capability of dealing with the corporate CEO, a Consulting Engineer, Contract Electricians/installers within the NZ market, or with a Multi - National Corporation
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Lawrence Prasad

Sales Specialist – Lighting UNI
Lawrence joined the REXEL Lighting team in FEB 2020 and brings with him over 20 years of Lighting, electrical & electronic sales experience for both Residential & Commercial. Lawrence takes the Right Approach for our sales performance and showing a genuine interest in our customers.
Central North Island

Alex Geisler TechIES

Key Account Manager Lighting and Energy Efficiency
Alex is a registered electrician with 12 years’ experience in the electrical industry and over 7 years in the lighting industry.
He holds a Grad Cert Sci Tech (Lighting) from Massey University and having worked in both installation and the specifying of luminaires he is well positioned in the field of Retrofit Lighting. Alex is also a Technical member of the IES.
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Letty Uttinger TechIES

Area Sales Representative
Letty joined the Rexel Lighting team in 2016
after 8 years’ experience in the electrical wholesaling industry . Letty’s role is to service the Central North Island region in all aspects of design, specification and sales. Letty is also a graduate of Massey's Grad Cert Sci Tech (Lighting) course, is a Technical member of the IES and is currently studying for her MBA.
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Maurice Davies TechIES

Lighting Designer
Maurice joined Rexel Lighting midway through 2018, and brings with him over 15 years of Lighting Design & Sales experience
in the Residential and Commercial sector within New Zealand. He has a Post Graduate Certificate in Illumination engineering from Christchurch, and is a Technical member of the IES and has completed training in AGI32. Maurice is Lighting designer for the central North Island, Waikato and BOP regions and enjoys working within the Rexel team and says that 'no challenge is too much'!
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Alan Swailes

Lighting Manager
Alan is one of the most knowledgeable lighting people we have. Alan has worked in all areas of the business over the years.
Lower North Island

Jo Cox

Sales Representative
Jo joined the Rexel Lighting team in June 2018
after a successful career with Robus Lighting and has come from a retail and corporate sales environment. She is well versed in the mechanics of business and the value of forging solid business relationships with clients. She is a great listener, has excellent communication skills and has a great “can do” attitude. Being a qualified Interior Designer, Jo has a genuine passion for Interior Design and understands the importance of Lighting
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Ken Cuttle

Lighting Designer
Ken has over 20 years experience working in New Zealand's lighting
and electrical goods industry. Ken also undertook AGi32 training overseas. From 2003 to 2013 Ken worked as an independent lighting design consultant. This period provided invaluable insight into design and specification business. Ken is passionate about light and design. He is often involved in helping organise technical meetings and seminars with like-minded industry professionals. In recent years he has published two papers on his own research on the relationship between safety, and lighting, and managing risk through lighting design. Ken is based in our Wellington office, his role is to provide design and technical support within the lighting team. Ken specialises in designing energy-efficient, Industrial, Commercial, Education, Retail, Sports-field, Road and Public-space lighting. He is also keen to take on new challenges.
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Upper South Island

Travis Booth

Area Lighting Manager
Travis has over ten years experience in the lighting market
with expertise in lighting designs and project management.
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Robert Smith

Key Account Manager - Lighting
Robert has over 43 years experience in the Electrical industry
both in installation and wholesaling. Robert's role is to liaise with key accounts, Large end users and Electrical Contractors. He offers experienced advice from his years within the industry to aide Customers in making the best Energy Efficient decisions for their projects.
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Christina Wust-McLaren TechIES

Lighting Design Manager
Christina's skills are in management and coordination
and since her move into lighting, she has completed a number of in-house training courses including AGI32 and has graduated from Massey University with a Grad Cert Sci Tech (Lighting) . Her role in the lighting team is pertinent to Rexel providing a full solution service with a focus on lighting design for the Upper South Island.
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Stu Wilson

Lighting Designer
Stu has joined the Rexel Lighting team from a background
in the Civil and Survey cad industry and Lighting Design. Stu started his Lighting Design career in Street Lighting and specialises in exterior, sports, carparks and street Lighting
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National Office

Cedric Williams TechIES

National Head of Specification
Cedric joins the Rexel Lighting team with over 20 years experience
in design and project management. He holds a degree in Bachelor of Arts as well as a Grad Cert Sci Tech (Lighting). Cedric is a Technical member of the IES and currently sits on the IES New Zealand board. Cerdric’s role is to service the Lower North Island in all aspects of Commercial, Industrial, Retail and Architectural Lighting Design and Specification
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Katarien Mulder TechIES

Senior Head of Specification
Kat joined Rexel Lighting midway through 2016, and brings with her 15 years of Lighting Design & Sales experience
in the Commercial and Residential sector within New Zealand. She has a degree in Spatial Design and a Post Graduate Certificate in Illumination engineering, is active in the IES as a Technical member and has organised several IESANZ Lighting awards. Having worked in both sales and as a consultant she understands the requirements needed to achieve a successful project. As well as excellent communication skills and the ability to build & sustain important client relationships, she has a true passion for Lighting and Lighting Design
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Eric Ryde

Technical Manager
Eric has 20 + years experience both in NZ and the UK in commercial lighting product design,
manufacture and testing. Encompassing all types of luminaries from HID to LED and lighting controls. Eric's focus is on technical support for imported and locally manufactured Lighting Product.
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Sam Paulsen

Technical Assistant
Sam comes from a family of electricians
and recently moved from customer service to the Rexel technical lighting team in Wellington with a degree in Innovation Design specialising in Industrial Design from Victoria University. She has a talent for calmly achieving what’s required in the desired time frame while continuing a high standard of work
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Darren Yang MEngNZ

Emergency Lighting Design and Sales
Darren is a specialised Emergency Lighting designer. He is able to help you with all your emergency lighting design needs across all of New Zealand.
He gained his Masters degree in the University of Auckland, where he majored in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Previously, he has studied in both China and Korea. Darren is now based in Auckland, bringing his passion for lighting and building services. He is experienced in preparing electrical calculations, HV and LV electrical single line diagrams, artificial & emergency lighting systems, electrical power provisions, security and lighting simulation using Agi32 and Dialux software. He is Emerging Professional Member at Engineering New Zealand and he is also fluent in Mandarin and speaks basic Korean.
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Ross Farrell TechIES

Business Development Manager – Ektor Emergency Lighting
Ross has over 25 years’ experience working in the electrical wholesale and construction industry
with general electrical and lighting products. He has experience delivering lighting designs with integrated occupancy and motion sensors, as well as the provision of emergency lighting solutions, from value options to monitored control systems. A graduate of the Grad Cert Sci Tech (Lighting) from Massey University, winning the IES Lighting Design: Student Design Award in 2019, he is also a Technical member of IES
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