Lighting Design

Good lighting design is a meeting of art and science.

Good lighting design meets standards for lighting safety and comfort. It uses the right light in the right place to achieve an energy-efficient design within budget. And it makes a space attractive, interesting and usable.

In short, good lighting design makes people feel good.

If you need a good lighting design, talk to Rexel Lighting. When you bring us into your project you get the benefit of years of experience: five full time qualified and experienced lighting designers, many additional staff with lighting design qualifications and skills, and a seasoned technical team as back-up. We're happy to work with building owners, architects, engineers and electrical contractors, and to be a central point of contact for everyone involved in your project.

How can we help?

First we listen. We take time to understand your needs and budget, and then work with you to produce a design that meets your parameters and complies with the Building Code. The design can take into account practical factors like controlling light pollution and using sensors and control systems to manage energy use, and aesthetic considerations like balancing light and shadow and highlighting architectural features.

But I don't care about "design".

Sometimes you just need a quick lighting layout to check quantities and compliance. We can do that.

At the same time why not ask us about easy ways to add value? It won't cost you anything to ask the question, and there are many simple ways to increase the value of your project. For example:

  • direct light onto vertical surfaces to make the space look more comfortable and attractive
  • make sure the lighting will enhance the overall design
  • add sensors or simple controls to increase energy savings
  • add app-based controls to change lighting settings in a room

What's the process?

We'll need plans of the space you want to light and an idea of budget and any special requirements for the lighting. You can use this handy checklist to help you gather the information for the designer. Remember the more information you can give us the faster we can get a good design back to you.

Feel free to contact your nearest Rexel Lighting rep or Ideal Electrical branch. We're here to help.

Emergency Lighting Design

Emergency lighting is a complicated field. Rexel can help.

Read on to find out if your EM design meets the three vital requirements of an emergency lighting design.