Finding the best solution just got easier.

Rexel’s website helps you find the right lighting solution for your project.

When you're choosing luminaires for a spec there's a mountain of options to sift through. It can take valuable time away from a project. Rexel Lighting's product site takes some of that pain away.

Even though we have a broad product range, this site makes it easy to filter out what you don't want, leaving only what's relevant. We've also made the important information easy to find so you can quickly see if a luminaire is the right one for the job.

Efficient selection

  • Filter by a range of criteria including type, application, lumen output, and IP rating.
  • Product family data is grouped in a Specifier's folder for one-click download.
  • Drill down to individual product level and download photometry, datasheets and install instructions for single product codes.
  • One click to share a product with a colleague or client.
  • Quick links to our agency sites for a wider range of specialised lighting products, from architectural pendants to explosion-proof luminaires.


We offer a free professional lighting design service. Our team of designers has a thorough knowledge of New Zealand compliance standards and is well-versed in the latest lighting technology.

We also have specification teams for renewable energy, data and technology, who can help with solution design, supply and commissioning.


Rexel works with quality brands that have compliant products, accurate data and long-term warranty support. Because we’re part of a global company Rexel has the size and scale to support your product selection for the long-term. If you need a solution that doesn’t yet exist we can help with access to our network of experts in 26 countries around the world.

Access our solutions at specification stage

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Rexel's agencies have a number of options for certified medical and cleanroom luminaires.
Ask us about lighting for challenging locations and hazardous environments.

Who is Rexel Lighting?

Rexel Lighting is part of Ideal Electrical, with branches across New Zealand. Our parent company, Rexel, is a global expert in multichannel distribution for the energy world. Rexel supports its professional customers with sustainable and innovative solutions, wherever they are.

We stand behind the products we sell, and we have the reach and experience to support your project successfully.

Rexel and Ideal Electrical donate a portion of selected product sales to the Ideal Foundation, giving back to our kiwi communities.

Talk to our team

Team Member Profile

Deepak Nayee joined the Rexel Lighting team in 2021. He is an active technical member of the IES and graduated from the lighting course at Massey University ( Albany ,Auckland) 10 years ago. He has worked and has experience in multiple aspects of lighting – Museums & Galleries, Industrial, Commercial, Residential and has had exposure to lighting for Theatrical, Film and Television. He has also been a part of product and product development and design team.

Technology & IoT

Are you ready for the convergence of lighting and data?