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As well as lighting a space, luminaires can now be used for data collection and data delivery. When lighting is just another data point on a network you'll need a project partner that knows data as well as light, and has the competence to bring the two together.

Your office luminaires can send data to a li-fi phone or tablet. Street lights can sense you approaching and ramp up their light level. You can switch on your home lighting while sitting in traffic. Lighting can now be controlled by a complex building management system or with a simple phone app via wi-fi.

Lighting is a more complex field than ever before. As a result, lighting integration projects are more difficult to manage.

Make your life easier

One of the easiest ways to ensure a well-coordinated, hassle-free project is to make sure all of the complex components are managed by one provider. This gives you a single point of contact for the critical phases of the project:

  • solution design
  • project management
  • technical coordination
  • system supply
  • implementation
  • commissioning

Rexel has in-house data and lighting teams and a number of people who work across both disciplines. Their cross-over skills can support you when specifying lighting, controls and data integration.

We also have project managers on staff to help with the roll-out and integration phase, ensuring your project delivery is as easy as possible.


Our lighting and technology teams can co-ordinate and manage any level of project:

  • Basic sensor-connected on/off/dim
  • Simple Bluetooth controls for scene setting and energy management
  • PoE connected lighting
  • Building management systems for multi-storey or multiple buildings like hospitals, airports, shopping centres and universities
We can also design, specify and supply technology infrastructure.
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In the near future data design and integration will be an important component in lighting projects.

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