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Creating better buildings, with a lower cost per square meter.

New Zealand property developers, owners and managers were surveyed about sustainable buildings - 60% of respondents said they were focused on reducing energy consumption.

Energy consumption - why does it matter?

Energy efficiency is a good selling point for a building. Not only does it reduce opex for the tenants, good lighting can improve employee well-being and retention, saving on HR costs. Developers and owners get a property with added value. Occupants get a better building.

The industry survey also found -

  • After environmental benefits, the second most important driver for energy efficiency in this sector was tenant demand.
  • The most preferred sustainability feature was lighting control.

Lighting is an easy target for energy efficiency. Tenants say they want the efficiency and comfort of good lighting and Rexel can help you achieve this.

Below we cover off some simple ways to increase energy efficiency and save money on lighting, as well as improvements that will make a building more attractive and easier to manage.

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Involving your lighting team at the start of the construction process will ensure the project has the most modern and efficient lighting available, with the best possible design outcome.

Rexel can also offer the economies of scale that come from dealing with a global organisation.
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Are you spending more than you should be on energy and lighting maintenance costs? What's the payback period for a lighting upgrade?

A lighting audit can answer these questions and in most cases map out a solution that will rapidly reduce your operating costs.

Making simple improvements:


How much can you save if you change to a more efficient source of lighting? A Rexel Energeasy lighting audit will give you the answer in black and white, with comprehensive figures that you can take to the CFO. Among other things you will find out the labour and capital costs of an upgrade, the payback period, the finance cost, and the cost of not taking action.

An audit can also help with lighting lifecycle planning, from selecting the most appropriate lighting solution, to controls, management and on-going maintenance, to end-of-life disposal and replacement.

Project Finance.

Avoid the up-front cost of a lighting upgrade by financing or leasing your new lighting through Rexel. In some cases the increase in opex may be covered by the reduction in energy costs. To find out more, click on the chat icon at the bottom right of this page.


A good lighting design can make a huge difference to the look of a room, a tenancy or a whole building. Even in a existing building, small changes can give an area a big lift. Other changes like smart lighting and data integration can improve retail sales, save energy and improve outcomes for people who spend a lot of time in artificial light.

Healthy Lighting.

A good lighting design will make a space more comfortable to work in. It also reduces health and safety risks by eliminating eye strain, shadowing and trip hazards.

Going a step further, Human Centric Lighting uses controls to change light intensity and colour temperature to mimic natural daylight, improving the wellbeing of occupants. There are many different HCL solutions available through Rexel, offering different levels of cost and complexity. Ask us what would be best for your building or tenancy.

Building Management.

Rexel Lighting, working together with our Technology Solutions division, can provide a range of building management and reporting tools using data from sensor-enabled light fittings. Track and manage occupancy, workflows, asset location, HVAC and lighting energy usage, all via the light fitting itself.

For added security consider using the latest lighting technology to deliver data through li-fi, a more secure alternative to traditional wi-fi and LAN-based communications.

According to JLL Office Review, efficient workplaces save energy while boosting productivity - which may be worth potentially higher rent rates. JLL quoted a World Green Building Council metastudy that showed better lighting gives an average productivity increase of 23 percent. A few small changes to your lighting can reduce costs, maximise your return per square meter and improve productivity. If you would like to find out more about creating or managing a healthy, modern and energy-efficient building, contact your nearest Rexel team member.

How much light do you need for a safe and healthy building?

Retail LED lighting
The right lighting can improve retail sales.

Check out the recommended light levels for offices, staff areas, reception areas, retail and industrial buildings.

Energy Efficiency Audits

A lighting audit is the most effective way to find utility cost savings.