Ideal Foundation

A sense of community is important to all of us – and our communities are the heart and soul of New Zealand.

We are proud to launch the Ideal Foundation, established to support New Zealand communities, by giving back 10% of the profit on selected goods in the pursuit of socially responsible activities and environmentally sustainable energy solutions.

What is the Ideal Foundation?

Established by a group of trustees from Ideal Electrical and the industry, the foundation was founded with two key aims in mind. To work with disadvantaged and vulnerable groups within our community and to protect the natural environment.

Our Mission

Ideal Foundation Mission

How we contribute

  • 10% of all profits on specially marked items go back into the New Zealand Community.
  • You can help support these initiatives by looking for these items and making them your preferred products.

Our trustees

  • Roger Edgar, Managing Director Ideal Electrical Suppliers
  • Craig Johnson, CFO Ideal Electrical Suppliers
  • Gary Chapman, National Operational Manager, Ideal Electrical Suppliers
  • Craig Haines, National Marketing Manager, Ideal Electrical Suppliers

Impact of the foundation

The Ideal Foundation enables staff, suppliers, customers, and partners to create positive change beyond the organisation and have a real impact on our communities. The Foundation relies on a variety of activities to achieve this impact, including:

Community projects
With a commitment to looking after the New Zealand community, the Ideal Foundation supports both local community groups and national organisations looking to eradicate issues such as child poverty.

Sustainable energy
The Foundation aims to discover new sustainable energy solutions, and is committed to promoting products which will aid in keeping New Zealand ‘clean and green’.

Environmental projects
It is vital that organisations lead the charge in protecting our natural environments. The Ideal Foundation is committed to supporting organisations driving long-lasting change to protect our world.

Integration with community-focused events
The Foundation also integrates with existing community-focused events, including Round the Bays, Pink Ribbon Breakfasts, and Loud Shirt Day.

Promoting strong partnerships

The Ideal Foundation’s mission to pursue socially responsible activities and environmentally sustainable energy solutions can only be achieved through meaningful, long-term relationships with our suppliers, customers, and valued partners.

The foundation is working with Ideal Electrical suppliers to identify and promote sustainable products, which will be selected as Ideal Foundation products. With 10% of the profits from these items going directly into the Foundation, these funds can then be put towards supporting community initiatives and sustainably working towards the Foundation mission.

Global reach, local focus

As an organisation, we’re part of a global community, with company roots in France. We also have a global Rexel Foundation based in Paris, which plays an important part in the organisation’s wider corporate social responsibility.

However, with strong roots here in New Zealand, we are committed to giving back to our New Zealand communities through the Ideal Foundation. The new Ideal Foundation is focused on our part of the world – it’s “100% for the NZ Community” and aims to give back to Kiwi communities. With Ideal’s employees and customers all here in New Zealand, it makes sense to give back to our New Zealand communities through social and environmental activities wherever we can. The Ideal Foundation has been designed to provide support to organisations and environmental solutions across the country.

Customers can be confident in the knowledge that supporting the Ideal Foundation products, means they are supporting their local communities. So keep that in mind when you’re checking out products and notice one with the special Ideal Foundation sticker.