3F Filippi
We have worked for fifty years into the light to understand, enhance and redirect it via our luminaires. We began by seeking to fulfil the demands in fluorescent lighting from our area.

We are now present worldwide, working for our customers with the same enthusiasm as when we were craftsmen, willing to make customized light fittings in order to solve all their lighting problems.

Our product lines have covered every lighting application for indoors and outdoors, creating luminaires which have combined the best results in illumination with energy saving.

Luminaires made with high quality raw materials and assembled to a standard which meets the strictest European and international safety standards.

Luminaires with a crafted design which enables lines intended for industry to be reintroduced for homes and art galleries.

These fifty years in business have flashed by as if they were only one day, and now we are looking to the future with renewed energy and creativity.