Lighting audit leads to savings

  • Project: Energy Efficiency audit
  • Location: Waikato
  • Date: June, 2018
  • Services: Project Service & Supply, Energy Efficiency Audits
  • Application: Commercial, Retail & hospitality
Lighting audit leads to savings

A lighting audit leads to energy savings - and more light.

Appliance Plus Tokoroa is part of a nationwide retail chain offering a range of appliances and furniture. In such a competitive market the constant search for cost savings is a crucial part of their success.

As part of this process Rexel carried out an Energeasy lighting audit to calculate the costs and benefits of swapping out their old lighting for new technology.

"We are impressed with the nice warm light these new LEDs emit. We even had some positive comments from our customers saying that it feels warmer in the store."
Luke Scintu, Store Manager
As well as budgetary restrictions, one challenge of this site was to replace the legacy lighting - a dense layout of old T5 battens - with an LED equivalent that would still give the owner a good return on investment and a short payback period.

There was the added challenge of having no choice in the location of the luminaires. The fittings had to be replaced one-for-one to avoid having to remediate the ceiling. Good light levels and uniformity had to be achieved despite not being able to change the luminaire placement.

The audit results made it clear that Appliance Plus Tokoroa would make energy and maintenance savings of more than $1,500 per year. A professional lighting design showed that they would enjoy a light level that almost doubled their current level, improving the light on their merchandise and offering a more inviting street presence.

Appliance Plus staff appreciate the new lighting, especially the increased light level. Store Manager Luke Scintu says as well as being happy with the new lights he is also very happy with the service from the Ideal team:

"They checked out all the lights required and worked out my savings for the year in a very professional quote - thumbs up!"
Contributors & Credits
  • Alex Geisler - Retrofit Manager, Rexel Lighting
  • Bevan Wood, Ideal Electrical Tokoroa - Supplier
  • RX Lighting by Rexel - Lighting Supplier
  • SO Electrical - Electrical Contractor
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