Finance and Leasing

Making better use of capital.

Why tie up your capital? Talk to us about energy-efficient LED lighting on lease or hire purchase.

Through Rexel and Ideal Electrical, your project of $10,000 or more can be set up as a lease, hire purchase or loan with no up-front payment.

Energy efficiency projects may save enough on power costs to be self-funding, and you get to use your capital elsewhere in the business. Installation and other upfront costs can also be included in the finance package. Payments can be spread over any term from 36 months through to 60 months to suit your cashflow*.

Leasing is not just for lighting.

Ideal Smart Ute
Ideal vehicle leasing programme - Smart Ute

We can also finance -

  • industrial automation
  • data and telco infrastructure
  • security systems
  • HVAC
  • solar and EV systems
  • work vehicles (see video)
*As with any finance service, terms and conditions apply.

To find out more about what you can finance, contact your local Rexel team or phone Ideal Electrical on 0800 733 385. Or download the brochure here.

Check out our vehicle leasing programme:

Learn more about the Smart Van here.

Energy Efficiency Audits

A lighting audit is the most effective way to find utility cost savings.

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