Light is not only technology. Light is not only physics. Light is there to make your life become more pleasant.
We say: that‘s light.
We offer you a range of premium quality lighting tools to choose from so you can realize your individual ideas. We light up your lives, as it were.

And we put a lot of effort into it:
-We stay on the ball.
-Our goal is to implement trends in a
planlicht-specific statement.
-We are bean-counters. When it comes to quality. The quality of products and service.
-And we like to talk.

To us, a constructive atmosphere for discussions at the company, with our customers, suppliers and system partners
is the key to further development. We think about everything light can be, constantly and with great enthusiasm.
And we translate these thoughts into market-oriented lighting solutions. Relentless work on quality standards, rigorous quality control, innovative service ideas and continuous staff training are the cornerstones in our activities.